Saturday, February 7, 2015

MY heart

If by chance you follow me, and read my articles in "Cats and Dogs Magazine" you may have already read this piece. I wanted those who haven't read it to have the chance as it is one of my favorites ,or if you have read it , I hope you enjoy the re-read :) Words can never express how much I love my Odin J. but this comes close <3

Doggie and kitty kisses ,
Jodi, Odin and Raven

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog,
 the world will change forever.”
Karen Davison

     I cannot say this statement without getting choked up and feeling my heart swell. The life of each animal is so precious. I wish I could save all the poor, discarded animals in shelters and on the streets. To see their sad faces can break our hearts. I think you would have to have a heart of steel to be able to watch the shelter commercials on TV, such as the one that features Sarah McLachlan’s “In the Arms of an Angel” without having your heart strings tugged a little. I know I have to change the channel when that particular advertisement comes on. Just because we cannot save them all does not mean we cannot make a difference for one or two of them. It also doesn’t mean we can’t help a select few by giving a little time to volunteering, donating or networking. I feel if we all do just a little bit, we CAN make a difference. I always try to remember what one woman, Ms. Jane Goodall, has accomplished to make a difference. She is my inspiration to always do what I can. I do understand we are all busy and we do have to know our limits to stay sane and not take on too many animals. We should not feel bad because we don’t have time to help every creature. We have to learn to keep that sacred balance or we can get burned out.
     I just cannot fathom throwing a creature away. In this modern world of disposable items, I cannot understand how so many people think it’s okay to give up on a LIFE. There is not one person on this earth who does not have an issue or quirk. We are not thrown in prison for having quirks. If that was the case my husband would have had me locked up years ago, with him following directly behind me.
     My heart and soul dog, Odin J. found his way to me from a rescue in Kalamazoo MI approximately 10 years ago. Even though he had a fair share of fears and imperfections he became the love of my life. I have never loved another being more and we have connected in a way that words cannot properly express. I have tried to help Odin with his issues with continual training that is designed to be fun. He works for his dinner every day and prances around like a puppy, eager to please. All this continuous training has helped him with his issues immensely. He has come a long way but sadly still has a few fears he has not been able to overcome. I try to keep him safe by knowing his limits and not setting him up for failure. I know if there is a house full of running kids that Odin is safer in a locked room instead of stressing him out and taking a chance that he will panic. I cannot imagine throwing my best friend away just because he has issues. I believe it is like when you say “I do” in a marriage you mean “I do” for better or worse. The love and special bond I have received for sticking by my boy for better or worse is priceless. He has become so in tune with me that if I say “uh oh” he comes running to see what I have dropped and hands it to me. He has found many a glove on our walks in the woods and has always brought them back to me.
     I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe I was given my soul dog, Odin, so I could help others who have dogs with special needs and teach them how to give their dogs the life they deserve. I also believe Odin was given to me so I would become active in educating others on bite prevention. There would be a lot less dogs in shelters if education on these topics were more accessible to children and adults alike. As it stands education on how to both generally approach a dog and how to choose the right dog for your specific household is your personal responsibility. It is important to understand that the cute puppy will become a full grown dog with needs of its own.  It is not just a toy you can return 6 months after Christmas because you are bored with it. It is a serious responsibility.
     There is nothing better than the gift of a rescuing a pet and sticking by it for better or worse. In return you will receive an unconditional love that is so amazing and precious, that surely not only the dog’s world but YOUR world will change forever!

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