Saturday, February 14, 2015

Keeping our pets healthy.

“I will acknowledge the profound and continual role of animals in my life as teachers and healers. I will repay this special gift by caring for, writing about and speaking on behalf of animals throughout the course of my life” ~Susan Chernak McElroy

     I believe after many years of working with animals, we need to stick to nature as close as we can, to keep our pets healthy. There are many ways to keep them healthy, not only by their diet, but we also need to be aware of what we put on their bodies and what we expose them to.
Sometimes the best remedies to chemicals and imbalance is going back to nature for balance.
ONLY put things on your pet’s skin that they can eat, as we all know they will lick themselves which lead to ingestion. There are some nasty ingredients out there that can REALLY harm your pet and YES even kill them. So please read ,research and listen to nature and to the animals! Research what they need. If something hurts them , you can go back to nature for answers. Consider researching bone broth and tart cherry juice for joints and cranberry for bladder. I believe the earth provides us with a solution to almost every problem.
     I feel this is best said by my often quoted friend, a wise ol’ bear named Winnie the Pooh, “If people were superior to animals, they'd take better care of the world.” 

 Here is Odin J., aka  my little marshmallow fluff , after his bath in his all natural organic shampoo with a white vinegar  and water rinse. He is thankful the ingredients I put on him, he could eat. His cologne is a mix of water with a couple drops of lavender, which is  safe and calming.
Future blogs will include some research I have done on healthy food, shampoos and supplements to help your furry friends :) 

Till next time,
 Jodi , Odin J. and Raven Roo


  1. I agree! I try to go natural with anything for my pets, as well as household cleaners, they will walk on and then lick their paws. More and more I'm going all natural with my own food and products as well. No reason to ingest more chemicals and artificial stuff!

  2. Pawsitivly! No chemicals here ! I hate so many companies are putting proplene glycol in our dogs food .... makes me want to cry!