Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pure Joy

"A day without laughter is a day wasted."- Charlie Chaplin
                  Those words resonate with my heart!
     I think one of the reasons I married my husband is he always make me laugh. In fact when he went away last weekend he short sheeted my bed. The funniest part is, I didn't even notice. Since my husband was gone Odin took over the whole bed. Being the spoiled boy he is, and me being happy to snuggle I just slept sideways. The next day my husband asked me, "How did you sleep?" I said, “Great." He said, "Really because I short sheeted the bed." I had to bust out laughing. My husband is pretty darn funny. I am fortunate that my fur kids can make me laugh as often or more than he does. Laughter is one of the greatest gifts there is. I would like to share a few of these gifts with you.
    As with many kitties, when I open a can Raven comes running and meowing, thinking there must be chicken or tuna in the can. Recently I opened a can of pineapple and of course Raven came running. She will not stop meowing until I show her what is in the can. When I showed her what was in the can, I said, "Look Raven you don't want it, its pineapple." Before I could put the can back up on the counter Odin shoved his face in front of her and stuck his nose and had a bite of pineapple in his mouth before he even knew what he was eating. I could almost hear him saying, “I like pineapple." When he actually got the pineapple in his mouth he thought again, "No I don't like pineapple. Phooey." And he spit it out. Thank you fur friends for the giggle.
    Another laugh out loud moment brought to you by Raven. The other morning, when I was in the bathroom I saw two kitty paws underneath the bathroom door, beckoning to be let in. If you have a kitty most likely you have seen this and laugh every time. We have two doors to our upstairs bathroom one is from the bedroom which is a pocket sliding door, the other is a normal door. When Raven could not get in the normal door she went around to the pocket sliding door and managed to pry it open with one little paw. In the meantime I had opened the other door for her. She looked at me, walked right through the bathroom, like a princess with an air of dignity, and right out the other door. It was as if she was saying, “Thanks door maid lady."
    I also think pets cause us to make us laugh at ourselves as well by just having everyday fun with us. When we play with toys with Odin and Raven, they get so excited and happy that we want to make it more fun and name their toys. Even some of the toys have their songs and silly rhymes that we sing when we play with them. I'm sure my husband would deny it if you ask him but he knows all of the names of the toys too. There is 'Big Head', the big circular stuffed head with just eyes on it. There is Bobo the long dog, whose name has to be sung instead of said. We have Pepper, a stuffed green pepper with legs who has his own song, which is pretty much the same as the" Dr. Pepper" jingle with a few minor changes. I cannot sing that song to Odin without him acting happy and putting a smile on my face too. Of all the toys that we have, Raven's favorite toy is the ring off the milk cap. Nothing can make us laugh more than to see her grab that ring between her toes and fling it up in the air, catch it in her teeth and roll over on her back with joy.
     If I could bottle all the pure joy my furry friends give us, I would be a millionaire. Alas I cannot but, I can share the stories and hold the laughter in my heart every day.

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