Thursday, December 8, 2016

Red thread

Odin my soulmate

“An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.” – Ancient Chinese Proverb
I believe this proverb. I feel every soul we encounter, is for a reason. Some to learn lessons from, others are put in my path to lead me down the right road of life to teach me  how to live with purpose. I think  some are brought into my life  to teach me about who I am, others to teach me who I don't want to be.  Some are to experience what true unconditional love can be. Some beings you can feel with your soul. Some you can feel over the miles or time and space,  that are  so connected, you can feel them even when they pass to the next world.
My dog, Odin J. is my soulmate, I know this with all my heart. Our red thread is pretty thick and straight. We are so connected it just baffles me. If I drop something he picks it up. If I don't feel well , he mopes. If I am not with him, I mope. When I am my happiest he is with me.  If I have a piece of flax toast he gets the crust. The other day I was in my truck and grabbed a piece running out the door. If possible Odin comes with me when I am on the run. This in-particular day I could not bring him.  I finished my toast, and had the crust left, I sat looked at it and actually felt sad one to give my crust to. Of course I had to wrap it in a paper towel until I got home. In past articles, I  have mentioned Odin has some fears of being rushed at and needs personal space. He has a yellow leash snap on that says, "I need space." This ensures people will greet him the polite way that he needs. I feel we are the also connected that way. I need one of those signs. I do not like to be smothered or rushed at and need my alone time. Odin and I just "get" each other and seem to also mirror one another. He has taught me by his fear, to try to be alittle more open to new situations and judge less.
In my book, "Furry Philosophy and Memoirs Set in Stone and my blog about  I have written bout those sending messages once they have passed on. You can see some of these  accounts at :
When my dog Cheyenne passed on I had a hard time with circumstances that happened. I talked to two different spiritual people that did not know each other. One told me Cheyenne sent me yellow butterflies, and the other said Cheyenne sent me yellow in many ways. One of Cheyenne's favorite things to do was paddle boat with me.  I don't think it is coincidence that almost every time I paddle boat with Odin,  I see a yellow butterfly. There is one particular spot in the woods, I mention in the blog link above, where I feel especially connected to Cheyenne. It is a place I stop to tell her I miss and love her. A short time ago, Odin and I stopped there and I sent Cheyenne love. The moment I did, a cute little bright yellow inch worm dropped down from a tree on a web and hung in front of me, I held out my hand and it climbed on. I sat with that little creature for some time sending it love, knowing it was Cheyenne sending me that gift of love.
Cheyenne my sweet angel girl

As much as there are those special souls that we are destined to meet, I also believe all creatures  are as Bob Marley said, "“One love, one heart . . ."  It seems as the holiday's  approach most hearts feel more connected. We feel it more when the fire is crackling, the snow is falling and the magic of Santa and giving is in the air. When we smell gingerbread , apple pie, pine , popcorn and the magic you felt as a child, our heart becomes more open. My hope and wish for my readers is that you can hang onto that feeling of one heart and show love to all creatures all year long. I also hope you can feel the gratitude in your heart for those special souls we are destined to meet to that we are tied to by that red thread. Cherish those souls and let them know you appreciate them, those are the gifts of the season we need to appreciate and hold onto with all our hearts.

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