Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Helping your furry friends age with grace

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog. -Sidney Jeanne Seward
Odin J. on his throne in the woods

How did my buddy Odin that was just a young whipper snapper just a minute ago , become my old boy? The years of joy we spend with them just seem to fly by too fast. As our pets age they can have some senior moments just like humans.They also can become more demanding and insistent about what they want. These moments  we contend with can go from heartbreaking to  frustrating to quite humorous.

When my fox like little lady Kashmir was 15 years old, she started with arthritis and had a hard time with the stairs. She was only about 35 lbs. so we would pick her up and carry her up.  She would stand at the bottom of the stairs and bark for assistance. I started her on glucosamine and that did wonders. She was flying up the stairs in no time... that is when no one was looking. If anyone was in sight she would bark for her ride again, and of course get it.  She would sometimes proceed then to run back downstairs and back up, it became her ol' lady game.
 Sweet Kashmir

 It seems often, when our dogs get older they all seem like they cannot get their fill of food, especially treats and garbage.

Years ago, I would throw stale popcorn on the bushes for the birds. Looking out the window I saw Cheyenne, my shepherd mix, 'climbing' the bush. After that day know the bush was known as "Cheyenne's popcorn tree" She also decided not only to get into the trash in her senior years, but actually try to push you out of the way if you were standing in front of the sink. She would give you the look that said, "What are you going to do, I am old?"

Cheyenne by one of the popcorn "trees"


Odin, now that he has reached the age of about 12, has totally forgotten manners. He had them, he really did. Recently, I put the dehydrator out on the deck, dehydrating liver for Odin's treats. He started by going out on the deck and coming back in the door way and giving me the "please" look. He proceeded to get more demanding from a low growl talk to an all out bark, as if to say, "Hey don't you see me here, and those treats there?" It progressed to going right to the source and barking at the dehydrator it self randomly throughout the day.
He also lets you know if he wants more treats by getting out his kong or puzzle toys and not so gently tossing them your way or on your head,if you are on the floor, with his "HEY don't you get the message?" bark.
Odin "not begging "

Odin bringing me on of his treat toys, saying , "fill er up"
Sadly Odin has always has some oddly shaped back legs and I hoped as he got older,  glucosamine would be enough for him. Sadly I was correct. I am a researcher and have learned many ways to help my boy and other seniors as they age. I want to help them age  as gracefully and pain free as possible.
Please see some ideas that may help your dog at :

Recently I have incorporated some things in Odin's regimen I want to pass onto you .

Odin (and I) use Copiaba two times a day. It is an essential oil with anti-inflammatory properties.
I put a drop on my hand and rub on his sore spots. Fur, acts as a straw and draws it down to the skin. Contact me via info below for more info on this.

I am so thankful for my wonderful, open minded kind and caring  Veterinarians and staff from Companion Animals Clinic, Dr Heather Headland, and Dr. Wendy Headland. They take time to explain and weigh options. I trust them with all my heart. Recently they took the time to help me decide if I should add Adequan intermuscular injections to Odin's regimen. I am thankful we decided to go this route. I have seen a definite improvement in the way Odin gets up and down, and how much more he can do.

Before Cheyenne passed away she  taught her brother Odin how to fish, she was the fishing queen

Odin keeping active

Hoping this information helps your furry friend age more gracefully.