Sunday, October 2, 2016

"Nature itself is the best physician" Hippocrates

Nature itself is the best physician" Hippocrates

 A very sad fact: According to studies modern medicine is the third largest killer behind cancer and heart disease.

Recently, my dog, Odin. injured his neck and was in excruciating pain. It broke my heart. I took him to my vet and she suggested a non steroidal anti-inflammatory. I usually gravitate to natural, but sometimes there is a time to weigh options. I did put Odin on this steroid short term.  He was doing great.

About 2 weeks on the medicine he started vomiting and refusing food, a common side effect. I decided it was time to re-do my homework and add some other gifts from Mother Nature to the mix. I am pleased to say it has paid off.  Odin now receives essential oils. With essential oils added to his regimen, he is doing fantastic.

I love my veterinarian and believe all pets should be seen regularly. A good veterinarian, such as mine, will give you a diagnosis and advice, but also be open to the options of how YOU chose to treat your animal.

To practice medicine requires a license. To promote good health does not. I am not a doctor, nor a veterinarian. I just want to offer you support and teach you how to build better health for your pets (and yourself) from my research and experiences.

Plato said, "The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole." Sometimes modern medicine only puts a band aid on the wound and does not treat the cause.

I urge you to educate yourself on how to treat your whole pet and not just the symptoms. We do not just develop pain, or an ailment for no reason. There is a cause and effect of every illness. An example would be an upset stomach.  It can be caused by stress, food, allergies etc. Instead of giving a drug with more side effects listed than benefits, an option is to treat your animal naturally with a product.  There is a treatment from the earth such as Young Living 'Digize'.

Young Living Digize has no side effects. It is used to balance the cause with an essential oil such as lavender or 'Stress Away'.  These are all made with the gifts Mother Nature bestowed upon us. In my opinion, these are much better and healthier options.

A large part of my research has led me to researching essential oils. I am so happy they are helping my now 12 year old Odin and his middle aged (but still young at heart) mom. Essential oils trigger numerous immune boosting, healing, or relaxing results.

I discovered that you should be cautious with the cheaper essential oils on the market. I am all about saving pennies, but in this case QUALITY IS EVERYTHING. Synthetics and off brand essential oils are not safe. "Young Living" provides quality and pureness that has received the highest accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

There are various delivery methods of these oils.

The most popular are:

1.)   Diffusion. Oils and water are placed in a diffuser that sprays a fine mist of the oils in the air. The molecules are breathed in the body.
2.)   Water Misting. Simply put several drop of an oil in a brown or blue GLASS bottle and spray this mixture on your animal or around the area of the animal.  Avoid the eyes.

Other techniques include:

1.)   Petting Technique
2.)   Rain Drop Technique
3.)   Ting Point Therapy (horses)
4.)   Ingestion.

With these techniques, especially ingestion, I suggest you do your homework.  There are also special techniques for kitties. I will go into these techniques on future blogs and posts on the new facebook group I am launching.

In a graduation speech given by Jim Carey he states, "“You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”
I have been blessed to be able to take a chance and do what I love and help and honor animals in many ways. The page I am launching is called, "Odin J.'s Earthly Treasures" on facebook. It is open for anyone to join.

On this page I hope to share my experiences and research to help pets and their humans live healthier with the gifts Mother Nature has provided. Please feel free to ask questions here and share stories. You will be able to find out how to get samples and discounts on purchasing your own oils. I will provide free recipes and helpful blogs

Camp Kylee , Making a difference

Kylee with some of her acomplishments that she achieved by bonding with Paula.
“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” -Jane Goodall
 Jane Goodall is my ultimate hero. She has made such a difference for so many animals and people in her lifetime. She is eighty-two years young and still going strong.  She makes me look in the mirror and ask myself, "Are you making a big enough difference?" She makes me strive to be a better person and to do better.I feel we are all 'called' to do what our heart leads us to. My heart is definitely being led to help the animals of this world. I want to be the voice for those who cannot speak or stand up for themselves.
 There are many ways I try to do this. They range from writing these monthly articles to honoring life with love through my memory stones. I donate what time, and energy I can to local charities. I often asked myself, "Is that enough?" I think of all Ms. Goodall does on a daily basis. I feel if we look deep our hearts, we will always take the right path in life to follow and the right answers will appear.
 One thing I feel VERY passionate about is helping reactive dogs.  I have written on this subject in the past. You can read this at: .
I have lived with two different kinds of reactive dogs in my lifetime. I can empathize with others in the same situation immensely. I know there were days I cried my eyes out with helplessness because I didn't know what to do to help them. My dear Cheyenne was reactive with certain other dogs her whole life. Odin is very fearful of children, sudden movements, leaning over him and people getting in his face who he doesn't know. With the help of the proper tools and years of building a special bond, he has come along way and improved so much. What I have to remember and share with others is, being 'reactive' DOES NOT make a dog bad. However, it does mean you need to know how to not set them up for failure to keep them and others safe.
Odin loves to play rally and the partnership we have built is priceless.

 I feel one way I can make a difference is by educating our youth on this subject. Another is to be able to help dogs and owners who need the proper tools to co-exist. I now can do this because thankfully my path in life led me to meet Paula Smith from Dog Blessed LLC. I instantly adored her and her true love and understanding of our canines. We are very like-minded and I am thankful to be working for her part time. I feel so very blessed to be associated Dog Blessed!!! Dog Blessed focuses on positive reinforcement, building a bond with your dog and keeping it fun. Dog Blessed offers everything from AKC Star puppy, to rally, to agility, and to many more techniques. What I feel the most passionate about is the group we have formed called "Camp Kylee", which offers an affordable opportunity to train with like minded people and dogs who understand their dog is not bad just because it is reactive to others. Paula states "It is important to me that dogs are understood and appreciated for being dogs. When we learn more about them, we can appreciate them and love them more.  It is just like I love Kylee." Kylee is Paula's Border Collie who the group is named after. She is reactive to other dogs.

 As my hero Jane tells us we have to decide what kind of difference we want to make. I am hoping I can continue to be inspired by her and help as many animals as possible. I'm hoping Camp Kylee can help offer some hope and solutions for people and pets in similar situations, as Paula and I have lived with.
 To find out more about Dog Blessed check out: To connect with others with reactive dogs, that are like minded or keep updated on Camp Kylee dates and times join our group on facebook or call 616-430-0297.