Friday, March 24, 2017

Where ever you may roam may you always find your way home

"You've always had the power." ~Glinda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz

In my opinion, these are five very powerful words with a profound meaning.  This phrase is not just about having the power to go home. My belief is the slippers Dorothy wears represent the power we have within ourselves. We create our own heart's desire and do not rely on some other person or material object to do it for us. When our heart is truly happy, we are happy with whom we have become as a person. It allows us to share that happiness and have healthier relationships with others.

I believe when you rely on others for that happiness you can become disappointed because no one is perfect. We will ultimately be let down in one way or another. However, if we set our own standards, it is up to us to find the proper tools to achieve them.

Often we look to others to provide us with the answers we seek, instead of looking in our own heart, where the answers ultimately lie.  After her adventures in Oz, Dorthy says “If I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own back yard. If it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with.”

However if you have that happiness and "power" of being truly happy, I feel you can love more. Your relationships hold more value. Your friendships and relationships will not BE your happiness. You will find more happiness within them. If you don't count on others to be your everything, and you have your own talents, interests and live with purpose, you can appreciate others for who they are instead of being reliant on them.

I believe animals are born with that happiness or should I say inner knowledge on how to love unconditionally and just be content with just "being." They don't dwell. When they love, they love with their whole heart. They do not waste their time wanting more or searching for more meaningless material things. They do not need the toy with all the bells and whistles to give them self worth. They are just content to be in the moment and share love and joy.

We have all heard accounts of animals getting lost and miraculously finding their way home over long distances to reconnect with their heart's contentment. I especially believe dogs have a sixth sense, more like a calling and a feeling that directs them. To hear these accounts in movies is one thing, but to actually hear of this from someone you know gives you goosebumps and  leaves me in awe.

A neighbor friend of mine told me of one such account I wanted to share with you. Years ago, when he was camping with his family in Gull Lake, Kalamazoo they brought their white Spaniel named Fluffy. While camping there was a terrible storm and Fluffy ran away. The family searched for Fluffy and could not find him. Sadly they had to return to their home in Barota, MI.  They were heartbroken. Miraculously and happily, two weeks later, Fluffy showed up home seventy five miles from where he was lost. He was exhausted and had bleeding paws, but otherwise healthy and overjoyed to return to her hearts desire.
It is always good to strive for greatness. However my hope is that people learn to quit hoping to find happiness "somewhere over the rainbow" and look in our hearts desire within.

In life if we stay true to our beliefs and to our heart, we won't need those ruby slippers to help us find our way home. We will always be home in our heart, wherever we may roam.

Author's note: I heard the story of Fluffy from my neighbor, Jerry Gast, years ago. After this article was written, days before I sent it in, I found out he recently passed away. I was so sad to hear this. I want to dedicate this article to his memory. I will miss his stories he told, his smile and wave as he shouted out , "Hey Paddles”, because Odin and I often paddle boat together.

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