Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Rescued is my favorite Breed , choosing the right pet for you

"Rescued is my favorite breed"-author unknown

     Are you looking for a faithful companion to include as a new family member in your life?  Including a new dog in your life can be the most amazing and rewarding decision of your life. The joy a new pet brings can be priceless.
     That being said, I ask that before you make that decision you take time to ponder what is best for you. Please think about what pet will be the best for you lifestyle.  If you do not have the time to walk a dog at all, or are gone for more than 10 hours a day, maybe a dog is not right for you at this time. Perhaps a cat, bird or other pet would be more appropriate.
If a dog is what you decide on, I suggest you research your breed before you take on a five to twenty year commitment of another life. Just because the cute little black lab puppy is the most adorable bundle of love you have ever seen, doesn't mean it is right for you.
More times than we can ever imagine people do just that. When the little black puppy grows to be 60 lbs, needs an abundance of exercise, and starts chewing everything in the home, because that is one of his traits, the owner may get frustrated.
When the owner becomes SO frustrated, the animal may end up behind bars at a shelter facing death just for being himself. Even if it is a mixed breed you can get a good idea of what the dog is mixed with and research the combination.
A common misconception is you cannot get the breed you are looking for by rescuing. Just an example, I was happily surprised when I went to a Great Pyrenees Facebook rescue page how many there are available. Researching your breed will give you the information you need to make an educated decision on whether or not your lifestyle will be a good fit for what the dog was bred to do.
If you have little time to exercise a dog, you should look more at a low energy breed. If you are runner,or love the outdoors a more energetic breed would be better for you. When dogs are bred certain traits such as herding, endurance, or hunting, they are deeply ingrained into their being. They need ways to do what is instinctual to them.
Odin has Great Pyrenees in his mix and shows many of the traits. Great Pyrenees are meant to protect the farm and be kind to the animals on it. Odin most certainly has those traits. He is so kind to kitty Raven. When I used to help rehab wildlife he was very gentle and loving around baby squirrels. Also when let outside he must check the perimeter.
Another prime example is I have a friend with a Kelpie, Lilo. Kelpies were bred to muster livestock. This friend does not have livestock, but realizes that her dog was bred for a high energy job. She takes that into consideration and Lilo runs about four miles a day on the treadmill. Lilo's mom also takes her to water rescue, biking, sledding trick training and nose-work. She knows that if she does not fulfill the natural instinct in other ways she would develop some of the OCD traits that other busy breeds get such as spinning, chewing, shredding or even self destruction.
Lilo and friend carting 

There are many more examples of characteristics that happen when dogs are bred to do certain jobs.The internet and libraries make it very easy to do your homework and find out what breed is best for your lifestyle. If you have very low energy and work alot, look for a breed that will fit that lifestyle. Finding the breed that is best for your will assure a wonderful rewarding companion that enriches your life more than words can portray.

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