Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Be the voice for the animals!

“There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and misery.”― Charles Darwin

Odin says, "Be the voice for the animals"

Definition of Vivisection viv·i·sec·tion-the practice of performing operations on live animals for the purpose of experimentation or scientific research

     It has always hurt my heart to think about this. Can animals feel pain?  YES. Did they sign up to be tortured this way? NO.  Is one life more valuable than another? NO.
Why does the human race think it is ok to  torture other species? Can you imagine committing no crime, and being locked up in a cage,and tortured until they eventually kill you?

     While reading one of my the best books ever written, in my opinion, "Dog 281" , it was reiterated to me, 'we can stop this insanity, we can make a change.' I am now reading "The Dog Who Spoke with Gods." It hurts my heart to read what can happen to  dogs in laboratories and how they can go insane from the pain. We are not Gods, as this poor dog believes, and we should NOT play God.

     There are alternatives , there are ways and we need to be the voice for the animals!
Information from NEAVS states, "Alternative scientific tests are often more reliable than animal tests. For example, experiments on rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, monkeys, and baboons revealed no link between glass fibers and cancer. Only after human studies related the two did the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) label these fibers as carcinogenic. The use of human tissue in toxicity testing is more accurate than the animal models.Non-animal tests are more cost-effective, practical, and expedient.. The traditional testing of chemicals using animals can take up to five years per substance and cost millions of dollars, while non-animal alternatives can test hundreds of chemicals in a week for a fraction of the cost."
     This is controversial, but what about testing on humans for human drugs? Test on humans that have committed horrific crimes and are already behind bars, instead of innocent creatures.
     One of my favorite books, by my hero Jane Goodall  states, "a great deal of animal research has been misleading and resulted either in the withholding of drugs, sometimes for years, that were subsequently found to be highly beneficial to humans, or to the release and use of drugs that, though harmless to animals, have actually contributed to human suffering and death.

     Amelia Kinkade's book  "The Language of Miracles" states when talking about animal activist Chris Derose from Last Chance for Animals going undercover in a laboratory that tested animals, "Chris had invited himself to take photographs and shoot video tape. His forbidden footage aired on CNN , allowing some viewers to actually identify their own animals on the news." "He was able to reunite some of the humans with their dogs. Other heartbroken people were only able to get collars and tags of their missing dogs." Amelia  Kinkade also informs us ,"one university in southern California was breaking the legs of animals and subjecting them to third degree burns with no anesthesia so that the students could face "realistic situations" during their final exam." "Other puppy lab 'research' has been funded by tobacco companies, whose researchers pump smoke into the dogs' lungs so that they can breathe nothing but smoke". All of this breaks my heart. We already know smoking is harmful. If humans want to do it, let them, but don't let the innocent suffer from our ignorance.
Did you know there was such a thing as people called bunchers? They either buy animals very cheap on craigslist (this is one of many reasons to NEVER advertise FREE to a good home) or they will actually steal dogs out of people's back yards. They then are sold to laboratories to never be seen again.
      I feel SeaWorld is just as torturous as laboratories. They only have  one thing in mind- making money. Animals are suffering more than we can imagine. Educate yourself and watch "Blackfish." Jane Goodall says "Sea World Needs To Be Immediately Shut Down" & "Dolphins are one of THE most intelligent animals on earth" - Sir David Attenborough
These amazing creatures are enslaved by SeaWorld for the whole of their lives. Never to swim free in the ocean, joyfully ride massive waves, eat fresh fish, live with their own kind. Instead they are forced by Sea World to work every single day to entertain humans until the end of their days."
     In my book "Furry Philosophy and Memoirs Set in Stone"  I wrote, "Who are we to make that one life miserable? Please educate yourself and see how torturous circuses really are and please, refuse to support them. Watch” An Apology to Elephants’ on YouTube.com. Please, see what goes on in factory farms and eat ethically. Please understand why wolf hunting is not the answer and how breaking up a pack can really cause imbalance. Please understand laboratory testing is VERY inaccurate and not necessary, only torturous. If we ALL say ENOUGH and act as friends to the animals who love and feel just as we do, these horrible people will be put out of business and this nonsense will have to stop! This is a dream of mine. TOGETHER we could make it a reality."

How can you help ? Sign up with https://www.facebook.com/neavs1?sk=wall
Share this article and other educational materials , talk to the youth in your life.
If you live locally you can join protests at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Speak-Up/310738168946611?fref=ts


  1. Wow, some great information and resources. I'm familiar with a couple of these books, and will check out the others.

  2. What a powerful post, I've got tears in my eyes. Animal testing is something I find so horrific and disturbing. I know there are alternatives available, why aren't we putting those in place and boycotting products that torture animals during inhumane testing procedures year after year. Thank you for writing this. Sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  3. Thank you for sharing. We all need to keep up the fight against animal testing.

    Paws & Wags

  4. It is horrible that humans have gone so far in hurting animals. I would love to see the practices associated with testing change. There are too many broken pieces in that puzzle. It seems like there are better ways to get the answers we need about things.
    -Purrs from your friends at www.PlayfulKitty.net

  5. Heartbreaking practice. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the books for reference.

  6. <3 <3 to all of you and <3 to all of the animals <3

  7. We humans have got to let go of the idea that an animal life is worth less than a human life. This is ego at its worst. If we want to test products for our own use, then animals should not have to bear the brunt of that.

  8. I've posted a few times about beagles who were released from labs and rescued by Beagle Freedom Project. I am trying to only support cruelty free companies, but I know I still need to change a few things. Once you start paying attention, its shocking the number of companies that aren't cruelty free.

  9. It is just so sad the way some people treat animals and each other. There is no need to test things on animals the way they do. :(

  10. Europe is much further ahead in this than we are -- it's disgraceful that we have yet to quit these practices. Thank you for the good reference material mentioned, and the heartfelt and moving post.

    1. Thank you <3 Mary I am going to have to do more reading . I am so happy Europe is further ahead than we are , but it breaks my heart that every minute another animal suffers because of ignorance here.